SAGE CRM - Know Your business, grow your business

The number one benefit of Sage CRM is the tight integration with the various Sage Accounting Software packages such as Sage 100 (formerly Sage MAS), Sage 300 (formerly Sage Accpac), and Sage X3.

Our range of sales, marketing, and service modules helps growing businesses like yours to meet their objectives. Every day, we assist businesses in driving revenue growth, boosting productivity, and empowering customer-facing teams to become more effective at delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Create targeted marketing campaigns

Help your marketing team reach the right people, at the right time

Accelerate and focus your sales activities

Work on the most profitable activities to grow your business

Provide an excellent customer experience

Delight customers and outperform the competition

Harness the power of an integrated CRM solution

Automate processes within your business and do more for less

Put your business on the path to growth

Sage CRM can expand the power of your Sage Business Management Solution across your entire organization, providing you with trustworthy data visibility so you can make informed business decisions.
As a Sage customer, you can pick between fully integrated CRM or Sage Sales, Marketing, and Service modules to meet your organization’s specific requirements. This versatile selection of solutions is inexpensive, user-friendly, and extremely customizable.

We help our clients by

Gain solid insight

Evaluate the current state of your business and make faster, more informed decisions.

Effectively collaborate across teams

Avoid duplication of effort with a singular solution that enables teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

Market more efficiently

Create campaigns based on precise data to increase the return on your marketing investment.

Better understand customers

Deliver a fantastic customer experience to increase client retention and revenue.

Accelerate sales team performance

Equip your sales staff so that they may sell more intelligently and effectively, never missing a crucial sale.

Who can benefit with use of CRM

CRM for Marketing

Target the right customers at the right time

Sage CRM Marketing

CRM for Sales

Focus your performance

Sage CRM Sales

CRM for Service

Automating customer service

Sage CRM Customer Service

CRM integrated with accounting

Improving productivity

Ensure that each department uses the same data.
Maintain a single view of the customer for efficient procedures and effective communication in order to:
• Eliminate errors by entering data only once – build finance accounts and view them within CRM;
• Streamline procedures – onboarding customers and suppliers with credit checks and more
• Maintain control and data integrity – place limits on what each person can view or modify

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 delivers you the super-strength of two business software powerhouses – all in a convenient, easy-to-run package that provides increased business visibility.

Would your business grow twice as fast and profit twice as much with twice the power?

Sage CRM - Sage X3 Integration

The Sage CRM and Sage X3 integration are delivered through a third-party connector that manages Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, and Manufacturing in one integrated ERP software solution. Sage X3 provides a quicker and tailored business management solution for organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge by boosting their agility and adopting change at speed.

The power of Sage ERP X3 is strengthened by this integration with Sage CRM not only via the core feature set but also Sage CRM’s additional features and benefits.

When you integrate Sage CRM with Sage 300, your business benefits from end-to-end visibility and a single view of the customer. It ensures that each department is working with the same information and communicating in the same way.

The result is greater insight into business performance, more efficient processes, improved productivity, and more effective communications, all of which open up new growth opportunities.

QuickBooks is an accounting software whose products provide desktop and online accounting applications to manage your customers, vendors, clients, inventory, and finances.

Businesses can use QuickBooks to automate operations such as invoicing, payments, accounting, and more. Most significantly, the software’s robust capabilities fulfil the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

We help companies reach their business goals through the effective use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology. We partner with you to grow your business by concentrating on the best use of tools to get the job done.

Our team comprises the mid-market leading CRM software consultants and developers. Regardless of sector or size, we listen, advise, and provide the best CRM solution for your company.