Sage CRM - Sage 100 Integration

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 delivers you the super-strength of two business software powerhouses – all in a convenient, easy-to-run package that provides increased business visibility.

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 is a fully bi-directional solution where users can access Sage 100 data wherever they log into Sage CRM. In addition, integrating Sage 100 with Sage CRM provides customer-facing staff the option to create orders through the Sage CRM interface and view accounting data.

Sage CRM is the only CRM solution that delivers out-of-the-box integration with Sage 100. The key to maximizing user adoption and ROI in CRM is to choose an application that is simple to use, appropriately sized for your firm, and tightly integrated with your other business apps.

Customer and Vendor integration

Define user access rights to Sage 100

Convert or promote companies in Sage CRM to Customers or Vendors in Sage 100

Create new quotes and orders using that populate Sage 100

Promote orders from Sage CRM to Sage 100

Lookup Inventory quantities

Overall Boost in Efficiency

Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 provides your sales team with all the customer and transaction data they need. This keeps sales and finance focused on their respective tasks and focus on the deals most likely to close.

Visibility and Revenue Growth

Get a 360-degree view of your client’s records and buying preferences. As a result, your sales team can smoothly upsell and cross-sell prospects on existing deals to drive additional revenue. It can also help uncover opportunities in existing customer relationships.

A Better Customer Experience

Everything you need to know about your clients is in one place with Integrated Sage CRM with Sage 100. It also implies that support representatives can better address client concerns immediately rather than referring them to another department or promising to call back hours/days later.

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