Sage CRM Migration

Sage CRM Migration Services offer the flexibility you need to migrate data most simply and cost-effectively possible.

By seamlessly moving essential customer data into the new system, the migration solution allows clients to upgrade. For example, you can quickly transfer company names, addresses, notes, and advanced data like attachments, emails, and records from traditional fields to Sage CRM and Sage

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Sage CRM Migration

Salesforce to Sage CRM

Salesforce to Sage CRM offers data extraction from the Source CRM system and migration to the new system without interruption to client systems. Company names, addresses, notes, and company names, addresses, and advanced data like attachments, emails, and phone records can all be readily transferred from Source CRM fields to Sage CRM. Salesforce’s standard and custom objects are added as Resources in CRM, and the company’s address, phone number, and email are moved to Sage CRM.

Goldmine to Sage CRM

Goldmine to Sage CRM migration ensures you can effortlessly migrate all essential enterprise data to a single platform. In addition, goldmine to Sage CRM migration, the users can be added as resources. For example, company records are migrated as Sage CRM Company, custom tabs like fields | details, referrals are created | notes, and pending documents are migrated as communication.

Act to Sage CRM

Migration to Sage CRM is planned and implemented with minimum downtime. Persons/ accounts migrated in Sage CRM are connected to the corresponding company. Therefore, you can quickly shift company names, addresses, notes, and advanced data such as attachments, emails, and phone records from Source CRM fields into Sage CRM.

Custom Migrations to Sage CRM

Custom Sage CRM Migration enables hassle-free data migration from legacy systems such as custom-built applications, contact management systems, and flat files to Sage CRM.

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