Sage CRM - Sage X3 Integration

Sage CRM Integration with Sage X3 ERP is a complete business intelligence system created specifically to meet all of your top ERP priorities.

Sage CRM X3

The Sage CRM and Sage X3 integration are delivered through a third-party connector that manages Sales, Finance, Inventory, Purchasing, CRM, and Manufacturing in one integrated ERP software solution. Sage X3 provides a quicker and tailored business management solution for organizations looking to maintain their competitive edge by boosting their agility and adopting change at speed.

The power of Sage ERP X3 is strengthened by this integration with Sage CRM not only via the core feature set but also Sage CRM’s additional features and benefits.

The customer and prospect contact information can be synced in both directions (Account Reference data, Addresses, etc.)
Real-time synchronization that is stable and high-performing

Access X3 Customer document information, including Quotes, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Credits, and Payments.
Ability to offer more customization using web services to expand application integration.
Encourages informed decision-making and aids in identifying business prospects using real-time data and reporting tools.
Enhanced end-user experience due to simplified Customer service’s prompt handling of queries and personalized responses.
Integrated CRM increased employee productivity by providing consistent and non-redundant data.
Improved agility to rush on new information and make better business decisions.

Maximize the company’s return on investment.
Data is synchronized thanks to an integrated CRM.
Proper sales management tracking via pipelines, reporting, and dashboards
Marketing and e-marketing campaign management
Control Project Cost
Manage Contractors & Sub-contractors
Marketing and e-marketing campaign management

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