What Is HPE Nimble Storage?

If you want to grow your business and if you are curious about what is HPE Nimble Storage and How it can benefit your business. Then, this article is for you.

HPE Nimble Storage may be the most suitable option for small organizations seeking ways to lower storage costs while improving business efficiency. Nimble Storage offers inexpensive scalability to support the long-term success of any business, from integrated backup and disaster recovery to smooth IT operations.

Today, we’ll discuss Nimble Storage’s operation and why it can be your company’s best data storage option.


A leading data storage solution, Nimble Storage leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to address problems before they affect your organization and future-proof your business. In addition, Nimble Storage uses innovative technology to monitor your IT infrastructure around the clock and protect your business from cybersecurity risks.

Nimble Storage is a top data storage option that uses flash storage and predictive analytics to address issues before they impact your organization and future-proof your company. Additionally, Nimble Storage uses cutting-edge technologies to constantly monitor your IT infrastructure and safeguard your company against cybersecurity threats.

Nimble Storage is divided into three main products:

All-Flash Arrays

The only Predictive in the Sector All Flash arrays drastically simplify operations while providing 33% to 66% lower TCO than all-flash arrays. They combine flash speed with the strength of InfoSight Predictive Analytics.

Adaptive Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash array is the only Cloud Ready predictive hybrid flash array in the market. Thanks to its combination of InfoSight Predictive Analytics and a flash-optimized design, you’ll have the quickest, most dependable access to data.

Nimble cloud volumes-1
Secondary Flash Arrays

Nimble Cloud Volumes enterprise-grade multi-cloud storage service for running applications on Amazon Web Services and Azure. They allow you to utilize any cloud you want while providing corporate functionality, dependability, and security.

All-Flash Arrays store all your data using solid-state flash drive technology to deliver the highest level of performance. Adaptive Flash and Secondary Flash combine older hard disc drives with more modern solid-state or flash drives.

Nimble Storage uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to power systems that are more inventive, dependable, and tailored to your specific IT requirements. Nimble Storage is an excellent option for businesses looking for authentic hybrid cloud storage because it is the only data storage solution in the market to grow and expand with your company.


You have enough to manage all the data difficulties enterprises currently face without dealing with legacy storage hassles and disturbances. HPE Nimble Storage makes it effortless to leverage next-gen Storage’s strength and agility.

1. Power business-critical apps

Use an enterprise-grade platform with exceptional data integrity, resilience, and proven and guaranteed 6–9s availability.

2. Eliminate application disruptions

It offers visibility from Storage to virtual machines and real-time, actionable recommendations to keep you constantly optimized. In addition, you can rely on HPE InfoSight’s predictive intelligence to ensure your apps are fast and always on.

3. Hybrid data mobility and cloud backup

Realizing the benefits of a hybrid cloud for your apps and data, defying data gravity with correct data mobility, and backing up to the cloud are simple and painless.

4. Effortless private cloud—on demand

It offers visibility from Storage to virtual machines and real-time, actionable recommendations to keep you constantly optimized. In addition, you can rely on HPE InfoSight’s predictive intelligence to ensure your apps are fast and always on.


Nimble Storage offers adaptable and trustworthy enterprise storage to businesses with changing IT requirements. The significant advantages of Nimble Storage that will update your data storage architecture are as follows:

1. Optimizes Business Performance

Nimble Storage offers Fast and trustworthy IT assistance. Since many problems are prevalent across IT settings, Nimble Storage compares your concerns with known solutions to cure them and prevents downtime.

In addition, Nimble Storage provides deduplication, which most hybrid flash arrays cannot deliver without sacrificing your system’s performance.

2. Reduces Business Risk

Nimble Storage lowers risk and boosts dependability to increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and the performance of your workforce.

It offers proactive cybersecurity so you can spot vulnerabilities before they impact your organization. InfoSight is a cloud-based controller platform that monitors your system for potential concerns. As a result, 86% of discovered issues are automatically fixed without extra IT assistance.

3. Scales Easily

Nimble Storage can “scale out” your data storage to boost performance and capacity. In contrast, many data storage solutions make it easy to “scale up” or expand disc capacity without adding extra CPU or RAM. In addition, you can add or delete resources from a system as your needs change.

4. Speeds Up Data Access

Nimble Storage has a 99.9999 percent availability rate, so your team can access data anytime necessary. Nimble Storage also has one of the quickest provisioning speeds, allowing you to deploy and set up your storage array quickly.

It makes the installation process quicker so your organization may resume operations as soon as possible. This helps you to extend your IT infrastructure more quickly rather than waiting weeks for implementation.


Do you have trouble with a costly and slow data storage system? Nimble Storage can boost productivity and improve business performance without breaking the bank.

As an HPE Certified Partner and Reseller, SFS Technologies can assist you in finding the ideal Nimble storage solution and moving your company’s data to a more dependable, effective system.

Our team of professionals can identify precise capacity and performance needs and design a Nimble Storage system. Get in touch with us to discover how our Nimble Storage solutions may help you increase scalability and lower storage costs.

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