Salesforce – Sage 300 ERP Integration

Sage ERP Integration with Salesforce systems is one of the best solution for organizations to enhance their front and back-office operations and sales.

The Salesforce Sage integration provides a solution for organizations to get actionable customer data at the fingertips of their business. Furthermore, virtual workforces benefit from 24x7x365 accessibility, allowing employees to operate without being tethered to their office workstation, desktop, or office servers.

Employees can use their mobile devices, like phones or tablets, to answer consumer questions and contact prospects on the road, and real-time access data. As a result, employee productivity can increase by providing more actionable and frequent customer insights, and firms can maximize their IT investments in Sage 300 ERP accounting and cloud-based CRM.

Salesforce – Sage 300 ERP Integration

Real-Time Information View

On user-friendly Salesforce tabs for specific clients, you can view valuable Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments Receipts against Invoices, Sales summaries, and accounting information. Also, Sage 300 ERP’s integration with Salesforce software enables the company to build a quote in using the most up-to-date synced product price data from Sage 300 ERP.

Standard Salesforce Opportunity

Sage 300 Standard Opportunity in Salesforce Salesforce Integration has the following features:
- Along with Quote items, create related Opportunities.
- Promotion of Sales Quotes to Sage ERP Accounting.
- Salesforce is used to process the entire flow and convert it to order.
- Respective records in Sage ERP will be instantly changed to Order.

Extensive Entities

It’s simple to add new sections and fields from Sage 300 ERP software to’s additional inquiry page. Salesforce allows you to add new entities for data mapping. In addition, you can include different regions for existing data synced between Salesforce CRM cloud and Sage 300 ERP accounting.

Promote Entities

Salesforce Account holders can promote an existing Salesforce Account to Sage 300 ERP as a Vendor. Integrate Salesforce with Sage 300 to allow the sales team to encourage customers, sales orders, and accounts to migrate from Salesforce to Sage 300, saving time and effort.

Authorization Control

It grants System Administrators more power by allowing them to define distinct access levels and user privileges. As a result, it gives IT the ability to secure data and control systems more effectively, which improves customer satisfaction.

Data Handling During Promotion

The new Sage Salesforce connection software feature allows users to store data entered on the promotion page for a customer if it has to be reused after correcting a data error that occurred during validation before promotion.

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