Dynamics 365 CRM – Sage 300 Integration

Monitor, control and modify your connection via a user-friendly interface. Get total control over your data and 360-degree performance insights.

Sage 300 streamlines all of your sales needs by providing a single user interface between systems, including accounting, inventory, operations, and distribution. On the other hand, Dynamics CRM is a server-client application, mainly an IIS-based web application with extensive web services interfaces.

Enterprises can use Dynamics 365 CRM to track sales leads, manage customer relationships, keep track of the marketing pipeline, and give actionable data. The exceptional bi-directional connectivity between Dynamics 365 and Sage 300 can thus aid in the automation of corporate operations by reducing data redundancy and speeding up workflows.

Dynamics 365 CRM – Sage 300 Integration

Bi-directional Integration

Bi-directional data integration ensures a single Customer-centric view across all business operations in real-time while maintaining data consistency in both systems. For example, on user-friendly Dynamics CRM tabs for a specific customer in both scenarios, you can view relevant Quotes, Sales Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments Receipts against Invoices, and Sales summaries.

Data Access on the Go

You can access critical customer information such as sales, shipments, and orders across various devices, including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets, with multiple device integration. It ensures that client expectations are addressed in real-time, with faster query resolution, enhancing customer experience and increasing business scalability. It also has a consistent user interface across all portable devices.


Multi-tenancy is a software operation mode in which numerous independent instances of one or more programs share a common environment. The tenants are logically separated yet physically connected. For example, MS Dynamics CRM and Sage ERP connection enable you to configure many Sage ERP firms from a single MS Dynamics 365 CRM system.

Real-time Updated Customer Information

Based on the most recent synced information from Customers and reporting tools, make educated decisions and uncover business possibilities. Additionally, you may access essential sales and service information for specific accounts on user-friendly MS Dynamics CRM Lists.

Easy Implementation

The MS Dynamics 365 entire package is simple to set up and configure. With Dynamics 365 CRM – Sage 300 Integration, you may benefit from increased agility to respond to new information fast and maximize ROI.

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