Clover Apps to Empower your Clover POS

Clover Apps to Empower your Clover POS

SMBs and MSMEs are looking to adopt digitally dynamic and robust business solutions that can help them integrate processes like payment and inventory management.  

POS software accepts payments from your customers and transfers the amount to your merchant bank account. The best POS system offers you custom apps to reach your long-term goals.  

Clover POS is a widely used POS solution built by keeping your business needs in mind. When you use Clover POS, your team will discover that the Clover app meets all of your business’ payment needs. 

Clover POS system has transformed the whole payment process for the merchants via its Android-powered POS devices and cloud-based API.  

So, let’s check out what Clover app development service is all about. Here are few Clover Apps to Empower your Clover POS.

What Is Clover POS? 

Clover POS is an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system with custom hardware options, a mobile POS option, contactless payments, plus more. This POS system is designed for several types of retailers and is available in both web-based and server-based deployment versions.  

Clover can substitute outdated processes involving a cash register, label printer, barcode scanner, paper receipt printer, and more.  

Clover’s point of sale system has boosted businesses to simplify their operations such as payment processing, sales reporting, inventory management, and much more.  

Also, it provides wide support for different modes of payments such as credit card, PIN, mobile payments, and chip card payments. 


Clover Apps and Clover Mini apps 

We selected five apps that can help you boost your business: 

1) Factor4 

Factor4 adds value to your Clover POS with a fully-integrated Gift Card Program. Gift Cards are the most demanded gift with 65% of Gift Card recipients spending 38% more than the value of the actual Gift Card.  

2) Mission Control: 

Mission control is complete multi-store management with a precise reporting dashboard. You can edit inventory, manage employees, and view sales analytics for better operation of the business. You can use the Web version to make changes and the Clover version to view inventory across locations. 

3) Homebase: 

Homebase is a free time clock, for team scheduling, hiring, and messaging. It is the #1 App on Clover and is trusted by 100,000+ businesses to save time, money, and effort. 

4) SMS Marketing:  

This SMS rewards app gets back customers 2x times per year than the average. Did you know that 95% of customers OPEN and READ your mobile messages within 3 minutes?  

5) Viva Spot: VivaSpot is an Intelligent Wi-Fi solution that automates your marketing and collects emails and increases customer retention rate. 

It provides your customers with FREE Wi-Fi at your location and helps you build and grow your customer email lists. It can also integrate with CRM platforms such as MailChimp. 

These are just five Clover Apps to Empower your Clover POS out of numerous apps designed to help you manage and run your business efficiently. 

Features of Clover App Market 

The clover application development has a wide range of features and functionalities. Some of the most known features are listed below: 

  • Efficient Payment Support 
  • Backed By Customer Support 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Seamless Integration 
  • Real-time Stock Management 
  • Parallel Selling 
  • Manage Employee Tasks 


Benefits of Clover to Your Business 

Clover POS system provides easier and faster business operations from a single device. It has some stunning built-in capabilities that can streamline your daily tasks, customer engagement, quick transactions, and accepting payments. Check out below how Clover App Market can help you scale your business. 

  1. Sales Maximization

As an SMB and MSME, you can increase your sales with the Clover app tools and create your online store exclusively. You can also introduce some offers like personalized gift cards and customer loyalty programs.  

  1. Access To More Applications

Clover offers you all the software solutions that will enable the management and monitoring of the marketing efforts on social media and email management. The Clover app market consists of various apps like accounting applications for billing, sales, and inventory purposes 

  1. Suitable For Every Business Need

The Clover app market delivers a lot of options to businesses. Businesses from various domains can benefit from the apps that suit the best for their business. 

  1. Multi-layered Protection

It has an integrated EMV® chip and signature, and a fingerprint reader for secure employee login, you and your customers both are well protected. 

  1. Bigger and Better View

It has a 14-inch, HD display, and swivel feature for smooth and convenient customer e-signatures and engagement. 

  1. The Power to Do More

It can multitask smoothly with 4GB of RAM which can run multiple apps and enable quicker transactions. 

  1. Peripheral Enabled

Clover Station is compatible with a variety of peripherals like barcode scanners, weight scales, kitchen printers, and more. 

  1. Clover Dining

Clover Dining is a custom-designed app for restaurants that enables you to seat guests, manage tables, take orders, and accept payments. 


Final Thoughts 

Clover POS system is available in both web-based and server-based deployment versions. Clover is an excellent way to accept payments from your customers and generate advanced reports that benefit the business. Moreover, your customers are much more inclined to buy with easy payment options, so you can also scale up the sales. 

Seamless Clover POS integration and app customization depend on the developers’ expertise, and that is where our team at SFS Technologies comes in.  

At SFS Technologies, We create fully managed and semi-integrated solutions using Clover hardware giving you and your merchants a seamless and all-in-one Clover experience. Talk to our experts today! 

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