Multi-vector protection that secures endpoints and users across all stages of a cyberattack.

To secure your business, you must have endpoint protection that is stronger, and smarter than traditional antivirus.

All of Webroot’s packages include protections from malware, such as viruses, ransomware, phishing, keyloggers, and spyware. It also provides a firewall, a network protection monitor, and webcam security.

It also provides endpoint protection for network endpoints like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is developed to simplify your life as a business or MSP.. It gives you:

Webroot DNS Protection

Webroot® DNS Protection is a cloud-based web security which prevent malicious traffic, and blocks malware before it infiltrates your networks, endpoints, and end-users.

It is the first DNS filtering product in the market that combines privacy and security by handling DNS over HTTPS requests.

It offers real-time inbound and outbound malicious domain blocking and protection for roaming users with off-network control.

Why Webroot DNS Protection is different ?

Skip the hardware and software

Apply leading web classification

Get detailed reports on-demand

Reduce costs relating to infections

Enable policies by group, device, IP

Block threats at the domain level

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