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Service for Free offers automated case management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and work order creation.

ERP software offers capabilities across all business activities, which sets it apart from basic inventory or accounting software. Inventory management, accounting, order input and processing, warehouse management, contact management, eCommerce connection, barcode scanning, and other functions are a few examples.

It’s time to think about ERP software if your company has become weary of managing many standalone solutions, if you want to start selling through new channels, or if you’ve hit user and data constraints in your current system.

If you are looking for Automated Case management, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, and Work Order Creation. SFS Technologies have an out-of-the-box solution ready for your use.

Service for fee ERP
Case Management

Processing case data, procedures, and associated content involve work monitoring, recording, and analysis. For example, a case can be an inquiry, a service request that needs to be met, an incident, or a problem that needs to be fixed.

Automated Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable automation is the technology used to streamline and automate accounts payable procedures, eliminating human work and enhancing visibility and control over vital financial data; it is known as accounts payable automation.

Automated Accounts Receivable

Businesses can streamline their customer billing and payment procedures using automated accounts receivable. The goal is to guarantee that consumers pay for their goods or services. Additionally, this software is intended to simplify financial transactions between a business and its clients.

Create Sale Order Invoice in your custom invoice Template

A sales order or delivery note is typically used to construct a sales invoice. You will add the specifics of the customer's item to the sales invoice. A sales invoice, such as a POS invoice, can also be created.

Work Order Creation for your staff and subcontractors

The work order grants permission for a product's development. It gives the manufacturing team a way to make the product according to the requirements for the demand it is satiating. The work order includes a comprehensive bill of materials and a full routing with run durations for each stage.

Manage the Pricing table for your services

With real-time inventory and wireless warehouse management features, it is simple to accept complex pricing strategies while accommodating the demands of contractors, service plans, promotions, E-Commerce, and order entry. In addition, by maximizing order workflow and fulfillment, your team members may rapidly access crucial information regarding custom pricing plans, products, sales history, and vendors to help them make smarter decisions.

KPI Reporting

KPI reports are essential for enhancing corporate performance because they give a clear and accurate view of organizational performance, well-being, and growth potential. Additionally, these reports assist authors in explaining to specific audiences how successful initiatives or portions of the organization are accomplishing their goals.

Save time from manual entries.

Check Availability of Staff and Subcontractors

Calendar View of Word orders Appointments

Business workflows can be easily modified according to company requirements

The finance team has complete visibility on AP and AR.

No longer excel needed

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