Samsung Kiosk

Samsung Kiosk is the most recent digital signage solution running the Tizen operating system. Improves the customer experience and your brand with interactive technology.

Digital Signage improves the customer experience and your brand by incorporating interactive technology into the visitor experience. Allow your clients to interact with your e-commerce platform or content, for instance, by using appealing, simple-to-install, always-available self-service kiosks.

Samsung Kiosk is the most recent digital signage solution running the Tizen operating system. The 24-inch touchscreen display offers touch interactivity, payment card scanners, NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities, and more.

The latest Samsung Kiosk can be mounted on walls, stands, or tabletops. In addition, Samsung has approved the essential applications for signageOS, which were developed exclusively for Tizen.

Samsung Kiosk

Simplified interactions

Increase customer satisfaction with the simple, all-in-one ordering and payment system. Every order receives more flexibility from the Kiosk, resulting in more efficient yet customized interactions.

Best for everyday use

For improved safety, a shatterproof layer keeps the glass from shattering, and an antibacterial coating helps to prevent bacterial growth when used continuously.

Compact Design

Add a Smart popup to existing surroundings no matter the location. Samsung Kiosk comes with neutral grey-white tones that blend naturally in any manner and looks excellent on its own.

Streamlined Management

Faster problem solving from anywhere using any web-enabled device, remote management enables you to identify and fix issues on deployed Kiosks swiftly.

Versatile Installation

The simple installations maximize space savings in your current store. In addition, new stores can organically integrate Kiosks for more unique encounters with more installation options.

Multi-layered Security

Maintain customer data security; Samsung Knox improves security at every tier to shield companies and clients from external security threats.

Rapid Deployment

You can avoid months of development and testing by integrating and quickly starting to deploy Samsung Kiosk to new or existing digital signage grids.

Optimized Performance

The signageOS Core Apps explicitly created for Tizen provide unmatched performance in the market and have been approved by Samsung.

Remote Kiosk Management

Samsung Kiosk hardware and other digital signage gears are remotely manageable through integration using signageOS.

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