Sage Intacct - A Powerful Cloud Accounting Solution

Sage Intacct cloud maintains all your bank accounts on one screen, allowing you to plan and schedule payments and make settlements easily.

Sage Intacct is a powerful, successful, multi-award-winning Cloud accounting solution designed for growing and mid-sized businesses.
Sage Intacct prides itself on its cutting-edge features, solid basis, and flexible connectivity connections. In addition, it offers best-in-class financial accounting capabilities, including AI and automation technologies.

Sage Intacct is being adopted by midsize to big businesses, including accounting firms, healthcare, hospitality, distribution, and nonprofit organizations, in preference to an on-premise system for handling essential business operations.

Sage Intacct is compatible with new apps that organizations might want to implement in the future and connects with your current business systems. This allows businesses to select programs based solely on their functionality, ignoring integration compatibilities.

SFS Technologies offers comprehensive services of the cloud-based Sage Intacct solution that will simplify business operations.

Sage Intacct

Accounts payable

You may streamline the payment cycle by developing automated workflows to handle the entire AP process to save time and increase control.

Accounts receivable

Automate the billing and payment processes. You may hasten your cash flow by effectively handling invoices, credit terms, and other AR chores.

Contract revenue management

Automate subscription management, complicated revenue accounting, and the ASC 606 and IFRS 15 regulatory complications.

Order management

To handle increasing order volumes, intricate procedures, and complex pricing structures, automate even the most complex quote-to-cash operations.


Use Sage Intacct's Collaborate, a safe social platform built into the accounting software, to speed up and improve team communication.

Multi-entity and global consolidations

As your activities expand and change, whether your organization is domestic or global, simple or sophisticated, you can close the books more quickly and receive the necessary visibility.

Project accounting

Automate time tracking, costing, resource management, project invoicing, and revenue recognition so you can stay on schedule, within budget, and with minimal human error.

Salesforce integration

The Sage Intacct connectivity to Salesforce CRM can obtain a comprehensive view of each customer, automate the quote-to-cash procedure, and improve the interaction between sales and marketing.

Reporting and dashboards

Utilize fully configurable reports and dashboards to gain instant insight into your organization's operation and business success. Recognize what occurred and why then use that knowledge to guide your future judgments.

Vendor payment services

To track all of your payments in one location, streamline your AP procedures, and save time and money, use Sage Intacct with American Express.

Time and expense management

Accurately track your team's time and money on various tasks and engagements.

Sales and use tax

To automatically calculate sales tax and VAT at the moment of purchase, integrate Sage Intacct with Avalara's AvaTax sales and use tax software.


Create preset, structured transaction and approval workflows to improve purchases' accuracy, efficiency, and speed.

Seamless Integration

Sage Intacct is a cloud-based software program made to expand your business. It can interface with the solutions you already have, the extensive range of supplementary solutions offered by Sage Business Cloud, and many additional industry-specific or one-of-a-kind solutions you may wish to add down the road because it was designed to be versatile.

Advanced Functionality

Expand your solution along with you as you develop. You can activate the built-in modules in Sage Intacct to expand the functionality of your solution. When your business needs evolve, you may strengthen your capability with modules like multi-entity management, global consolidations, and inventory management to handle even the most challenging problems.

Core Financials

Sage Intacct provides all the resources needed to handle your basic financials in a single integrated solution. Automate your procedures, minimize your reliance on spreadsheets, and increase data visibility to ensure that you always have the information you need to make wise business decisions.

Sage Intacct is a leading cloud-based accounts payable software (AICPA certified). It offers small and medium businesses real-time financial monitoring, operational insights, and the capacity to automate critical processes. Sage CRM is an easy-to-use business management system that enables companies to log interactions with marketing, sales, and customer care while providing essential customer data.

SFS Technologies offers systematic integration options to integrate both the Systems and attain a 360° aggregated approach. In addition, we help organizations achieve a consolidated view across systems through the next-generation integration platform.

The Dynamics 365 and Sage Intacct integration is a complete business management solution that supports a variety of technologies, databases, and operating systems.

The Sage Intacct cloud solution helps organizations automate complex tasks and provide deep financial and operational insights. The Dynamics 365 CRM is essentially an IIS-based web application and supports a wide range of web service interfaces, operating as a powerful integrated system in the meantime.

The Sage Intacct Dynamics 365 CRM integration synchronizes with standard tables and objects in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which you can view on the user-friendly UI of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM layout.

The Sage Intacct and Magento Integration provide customer-based pricing payment and order processing, logistics and supply chain, and cumbersome data entry tasks to align the e-Commerce platform with an ERP. The integration offers a well-thought-out solution that automates the stock, price, and product updates from your Sage Intacct web store to Magento, offering precise product information and availability.

The Magento and Sage Intacct Integration connection helps you advertise your products online and automate bi-directional data synchronization.

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