Our Products

Being aware of the latest market trends as well as constantly communicating with our clients to create software products that precisely correspond with users’ needs and help them get perfect solutions.

Sage provides software in accounting, ERP, CRM, and more across various domains. Sage is available for entrepreneurs, small, midsized, and larger enterprises and businesses. Sage is one of the top and leading provider of ERP software.

Sage CRM provides a full suite of mobile tools for managing customer relationships, accounts, order management, customer service, sales opportunities, customer marketing, and much more.

Sage 300 cloud is a powerful business management software solution that provides your team with a comprehensive view of all areas of your organization.

Sage 300 cloud enables small and medium-sized organizations to manage their global operations without the expense or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Sage 300cloud, the popular solution for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, integrates the most vital components of your expanding organization.

Sage Intacct cloud maintains all your bank accounts on one screen, allowing you to plan and schedule payments and make settlements easily.

Sage Intacct is a powerful, successful, multi-award-winning Cloud accounting solution designed for growing and mid-sized businesses.

Sage Intacct prides itself on its cutting-edge features, solid basis, and flexible connectivity connections. In addition, it offers best-in-class financial accounting capabilities, including AI and automation technologies.

Clover POS is an integrated point-of-sale (POS) system offering an all-in-one solution that is popular among retail and hospitality businesses. It offers countertop hardware options, a mobile POS option, contactless payments, and much more.

We create fully managed and semi-integrated solutions using Clover hardware giving you and your merchants a seamless and all-in-one Clover experience.

Microsoft 365 combines trusted Microsoft Office applications, email services, cloud storage, intelligent tools for simplifying operations, advanced analytics, and security features.

With Microsoft 365, businesses can deploy a complete productivity suite for their operations without the usual integration of disparate systems and applications.

Google Workspace brings workers closer together, from anywhere, Transform your business into a modern, digital workplace with tools and cloud services that empower teamwork.

Google Workspace includes all of the productivity apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and many more, all in the same spot.

Rogers Solutions help you build a bespoke business, from wireless devices and business plans to business and asset management solutions.

Fiber optic internet provides optimal speed, security, and support, with a mean time to repair (MTTR) of four hours and a guaranteed uptime of 99.7 percent.

Increase employee productivity and enhance the customer experience with on-site, reliable, high-speed internet access.

Shaw is a Canadian telecom company that primarily offers Internet, mobile, home phone, and TV services in Western and Central Canada. It provides the fastest Internet speeds and empowers entrepreneurs and organizations to fulfill their potential.

It offers affordable Internet plans that range from 10Mbps to 1.5Gbps. You can bundle your Internet services with their Total TV service. You can also select “add-ons” to certain Internet plans, which gives you access to Shaw mobile plans, network security, etc.

Hosted Exchange is a professional Messaging and Collaboration for Small businesses. Hosted Exchange can be installed, configured, and hosted on a service provider platform.

The end-user accesses it through a secure network or private VPN connection. As in SaaS/cloud-based offerings, the hosted exchange can be accessed over the Internet.

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Hosted Microsoft SharePoint is a secure cloud-based platform to converge a point for sharing documents, business intelligence, file management, team projects, intranet portals, and all other business needs.

It is a simple and most cost-effective way to manage, share and collaborate more effectively.

Windows 365 Cloud PC combines the power and security of the cloud with the simplicity and versatility of the PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a service that permits business customers to access Cloud PCs from anywhere.

Windows 365 merges the power and security of the cloud with the versatility and simplicity of the PC.

Microsoft Azure helps you build your cloud infrastructure with an ever-expanding array of cloud services, apps, and tools.

Set up your workforce for ultimate productivity and security. With all the trusted features to build cloud-enabled services or apps from DevOps to IoT to AI. Azure offers your organization infinite possibilities for innovation.