Network security is very important for any business that operates based on computerized frameworks. It is therefore necessary for a business to make use of the latest network security platforms available.

Information is very essential in the world of business. Companies today thrive based on the amount of data they are able to aggregate on their customers and their operating systems also depend largely on their network’s efficiency. This increases the need for network security. Everyday, malware & spam of different types are released in order to breach your network’s security. It is therefore essential to utilize the best possible defense systems for your networks, and constantly update your network’s security system. Here are some reasons why you need to rethink and update your network security.

Why you need to rethink your network security

In order to avoid threats to your system such as intrusions from hackers, malware and other harmful attempts to breach your network.


  • Service offers you a switch to UTM/NGFM security from older firewalls and security systems.

  • Implementation of the Human Layer 8 firewall, which comes with user identity features, IP addresses and other applications. This will help any business to monitor and control the access to its network based on the identity of each prospective user.

  • Offering you a more secure SSL VPN network security appliances. This is provided at reduced costs.

  • The most effective Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), which is able to automatically block intrusions once they are identified.

Other features include:

  • Intrusion detection engines: Providing you with systems that are able to detect intrusions and prevent breaches. The security appliances are equipped with modern technology, able to protect against all forms of malware.

  • Device-aware/Identity based security

  • Classification and control of layer 7 traffic, making use of advanced processing engines that are capable of analyzing network traffic and making necessary classifications.