Our Mission

It is our goal to provide innovative, efficient and green solutions when possible within the IT industry; creating a cleaner, greener, intelligent business world. We look forward to your green technology experience with us.

SFS Technologies is a SURREY-based IT consulting and technology support firm. We provide exceptional, reliable and green IT solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses. Our highly experienced and technically knowledgeable consulting team is committed to listening carefully to our customer’s needs. By focusing exactly on what you do, we are able to strategize the perfect IT solution package for your company. Our goal at all times is to hear your problems and use our expertise to find the best and most efficient solution available. We want you to succeed and providing the upmost in IT care possible, is our never-ending business commitment.

The core of what SFS Technologies does is we take on projects that process data for comprehensive IT solutions. More specifically, we help our customers deal with:

  • Data architecture and conceptualization
  • Data acquisition
  • Data modeling
  • Data grouping implementation
  • Data storage
  • Data classification and search
  • Data conversion to valuable information
  • Data security
  • Data presentation

If you are a new start-up, we can work with you from the ground up by building preliminary data architecture based on conceptualizing the structure that works best for your industry, people and customers. If you are a newly existing business, we can revamp what you have established via data modeling to reengineer better solutions for your team, business and success By understanding what works, and what doesn’t, so far, we can come up with the optimum method of data processing that best suits your growing company. If you are an established business, we can consult with you to improve data management systems and help you become a leader in your market. Pushing the power of your seasoned team with new technologies and better infrastructure can take you to the next level of market success.

Our secondary goal is to delight every one of our customers by structuring tools that move data with fluidity throughout the company, create value-driven metrics to guide company growth and create top-notch internet security protocols. At SFS Technologies we have the experience to manage any IT project and keep our customers 100% satisfied throughout the entire process. In the end, the higher performance you are able to achieve due to our structuring is going to be outstanding.

Our services include

SFS Technologies today and let us become the IT success partner you need as you build your business.