Intelligent Content Capture

Capture solutions that process large volumes of content, extract data, and automatically organize files can help you uncover vital information buried in your papers.

Work more innovatively and effectively with industry-leading intelligent capture solutions that help create a central, searchable repository for all your organization’s content.

Extract Data Automatically

Recognize and extract data from documents to populate line-of-business apps and speed up business operations.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Modernize how you capture customer information with a suitable and digital-first approach.

Reclaim Time Spent Filing

Instantly sort, name, route, and file captured documents based on the data contained within them.

Bring Information Together

Collect and store form data and physical and electronic documents in a centralized location.

Capture Documents on the Go

Send photographs of documents directly from your mobile device, and make them full-text searchable right away.

Reclaim Time and Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of content capture and processing by eliminating manual data entry and filing.

Archive Email Correspondence

Import and archive emails, including attachments, with one click.

Extract Valuable Information

Extract data from documents as soon as they are scanned or imported.

Control Your Content

Make critical information available and secure to those who need it.

Expedite Form Submissions

To swiftly gather and securely retain information, replace your paper forms with electronic forms.

Schedule Document Imports

Schedule the automated import of electronic files from network devices and file shares to avoid workplace interruptions.

Streamline High-Volume Capture

Sort, categorize and apply OCR and text extraction to your incoming documents for full-text searching and indexing.

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