ECM Integrations

Connect people, content, processes, and data with flexible integration tools so precise information always appears across the enterprise at the right place and time.

ECM Integrations bridge the gaps between people, content, processes, and data with flexible integration technologies. It ensures that accurate information is consistently available across the company at the appropriate time and in the right place.

Facilitate End-to-End Experiences

Provide more optimized user experiences and bridge platform boundaries with versatile integration solutions.

Faster Time to Value

Native integrations for popular programs like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Microsoft 365, and industry-leading CRMs simplify development processes.

Compose Tailored Solutions

You can add custom scripting, web services, APIs, and other features to meet unique business needs.

Centralize and Secure Content

The Microsoft 365 integration includes the Office suite and Teams that allows you to store, collaborate, and manage content.

Import Files from Third-Party Drives

With import services for OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and Google Drive, you can keep a single source of truth on content.

Quickly Connect to MFDs

Link to popular multi-function devices like Ricoh, Samsung, and others to simplify document digitization.

Maintain Data Accuracy

Use automated workflows to push and pull data to maintain backend data stores in sync across apps.

View Content Based on Location

Integrate with Esri ArcGIS to visualize Laserfiche content in a geolocation-based map view.

Sync Your CRM with Enterprise Content

Automatically transfer data between Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and Redtail, using pre-built, no-code connections.

Develop Customized Apps

The SDK includes integration libraries, CMIS support, documentation, example code, and methods for distributing your programs, so you may create programs that interact with Laserfiche.

Accelerate Signature Requests

Using DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and OneSpan, streamline agreement processes and automatically send documents for digital signatures.

Auto-Populate Fields with Lookups

Connect to local databases to prevent errors and reduce the amount of data that must be manually entered into metadata and form fields.

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