Document and Record Management

Promote quick access to information inside and beyond your company while adhering to content compliance at all phases, from capture to archival.

Document and Record Management empowers organizations in highly regulated industries with the ability to manage their enterprise content for decades. You can consolidate and safeguard information while allowing your teams to quickly interact and find what they need with complete document and records management capabilities.

Centralize and Organize Content

Maintain a single source of truth by organizing and managing content in a single, user-friendly platform where employees can quickly locate files, trace version history, collaborate, and share content links.

Maintain Control and Transparency

Allow only authorized parties to view files with granular user restrictions, extensive audit histories, redaction tools, password-protected links, and other features that support governance requirements.

Streamline Content Lifecycles

Promote compliance throughout all stages of your content with complete records management capabilities to create retention periods, generate reports, and manage dispositions automatically, from record creation to final disposition.

Simplify Content Management

Manage all of your content in one place to make it simple to access information, eliminate silos, and archive files using a folder-based interface.

Accelerate Content Capture

To import and categorize many documents at scale, use sophisticated capture technologies to reduce human scanning and indexing.

Share Public Files

Make essential information widely accessible through a customizable public portal to increase openness.

Access Files On the Go

Even in regions with poor connectivity, you may easily capture, upload, and securely edit data using your mobile smartphone.

Auto-Organize Files

Automated actions can help you save time by dynamically generating metadata, identifying files, and setting record settings.

Promote Collaboration

Edit content with other team members simultaneously, leave comments, add annotations, and more, all while keeping track of changes and versions.

Seamlessly Work with Microsoft 365 Content

With native support for Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, Outlook, and the Office suite, you can create, edit, and archive information.

Facilitate Records Compliance

Newly developed records should be filed automatically following industry rules and business policies.

Connect Content Across Enterprise Apps

Use RESTful web APIs to create custom solutions and ensure that employees have access to information when and where they need it.

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