Clover Table Service Restaurant

Clover Table Service Restaurant​ POS is more than capable to help you run the full house, front to back from your Clover device to the back of the house with preauthorize payments.

Table Service Restaurant

Get the restaurant POS that offers you what you ought in these challenging times: contactless payments, online ordering, and real-time reporting. It takes orders and payments as fast as your customers expect.

With Clover Dining, it’s powerful enough to do it all from one system. It helps you focus on your customers and their dining experience.

Rev up your online ordering

Receive orders straight from the web page we develop for you, or from the Clover app. Online ordering for pickup takes seconds to set up, and syncs in real-time.

Support designed with restaurateurs in mind

Introducing: Scan to Order

For your guests dining in, initiate contactless ordering directly from your QR code menu on their mobile devices.

Connect front & back of house

Uplevel the dining experience

Streamline payments

Customer Service Restaurant

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Clover Table Service Restaurant

Clover Solutions

Station Solo:

The Clover Station Solo is a powerful, all-in-one merchant point-of-sale (POS) device that makes it easier and faster to run your business. Clover Station Solo has the built-in power you need to process customer payments, print receipts, track sales transactions, and accept the latest payments effortlessly.

Station Duo:

Run your business like a pro with our fastest, most secure point-of-sale system. Station Duo is the most powerful POS system, and perfect for restaurants that need to move fast. Managing your menu, and orders, overseeing your staff, and running reports, are all at your fingertips. 


Serve customers better – at the counter, in line, at the table, or in the field – with the Clover Flex handheld POS system. This all-in-one device offers built-in capabilities to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales all from the palm of your hand.

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