Business Process Automation

Modernize your business processes to give yourself more time to work on issues that require a more human touch.

Streamline Workflows Across Every Department

Empower stakeholders across your business to optimize department-level procedures with robust citizen-developer automation solutions that don’t require coding.

Auto-Route Documents and Approvals

As part of an automated process, deliver information to stakeholders when they need it and collect approvals fast.

Deliver Solutions Faster

Utilize pre-built industry and department-specific solution templates to accelerate your return on investment.

Gather Business Process Insight

With predefined analytics reports and bespoke reporting tools, you may identify areas for advancement and better influence strategic decisions.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Automated Workflows

Increase Transparency

Utilize performance dashboards and visualizations to assess employee workloads.

Address Compliance

Standardize repeated operations to improve accuracy and eliminate manual labor.

Streamline Processes

Establish and implement policies to reduce the risk of non-compliance with processes.

Integrate the Enterprise

You can connect automated solutions to your third-party apps with pre-built, native, and custom integration tools.

Measure Success

Measure the success with Business Process Automation, and employ customizable, easy-to-use reporting systems.

Stay Involved on the Go

Use your iOS, Android, or Windows device to examine, approve, and sign documents to keep things moving.

Automatically Extract Content Data

You can capture text from any document to populate metadata, perform lookups, and be used in automated processes.

Connect Legacy Systems with Workflow Bots

Enable complete, end-to-end solutions by automating repeatable clicks and data entry tasks across applications.

Design Processes with Drag-and-Drop Tools

To simplify solution design, use no-code design tools and built-in activities to map out process phases.

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