In 2014 SFS Technologies first began in Surrey. Our initial vision was to provide businesses with our outstanding excellence in IT technologies, data management and overall solutions. Our expertise was staying on the cusp of innovations in the market and bringing them effectively to our customer base. By focusing on this strategy for two years, we honed our craft well. Our entire team is structurally sound and integral to the machine. Every time we dedicate ourselves to improving our client’s IT issues we know that the strongest team possible is focused on that singular goal.

A lot has happened in over the past decade though. New products and services have entered the market at exponential speeds. As a company we realized that life-long learning was something we had to continuously strive for is exciting and fast-paced. It is only for the solid players who know how to maneuver change and integrate new ideas quickly and efficiently.

We learned quickly to be nimble. Nothing in is static. It’s difficult to keep up, but we resolutely dedicate ourselves to doing just that. Whether it is a new firewall and , or server and SAN and NAS storage solution, we are committed to finding it, studying it, understanding it, and implementing it at the right time for the right customer.

Is this challenging?
Yes- but challenge is what we are all about. We aren’t discouraged by challenge because we have the experience, determination and dedication to challenge ourselves every day so our customers can reach their full potential.

Our first two years of existence taught us well. Though our initial vision was to improve our customers businesses through , our new goal is to create solutions that provide cleaner, greener and more intelligent companies to the market. Our professionals work laterally with clients to offer backup hardware solutions that they can depend on to foster growth and efficiencies.

Whether you are a small- to medium- or enterprise level business, you need our expertise. At SFS Technologies we understand your needs and due to our knowledgeable and trained technicians, we can help you reach your next level of successful performance. We serve the needs of businesses around the world by offering services 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week. Our support and innovative solutions tie your business needs together to perfectly fit your purpose and mission.

SFS Technologies showcases the best value for your investment in services by offering one of the widest ranges of customization services to meet your specific business requirements. If you are a , we can help you get your data management systems in order from the ground up. If you have been around for a few years, we can do a professional assessment of your business structure and offer more efficient and timely answers. If you’re an established business, likely you have a strong foundation that is growing. We can also look at that foundation to make sure your is equitable to manage it as your imminent growth becomes a reality.

In addition, SFS Technologies is dedicated to offering green solutions. We aren’t just looking to improve ourselves and our clients’ companies, but the world around us. We are loyal and committed to our growing mission. SFS Technologies- Building Technologies for a Better World.